Bhulekh UP (भूलेख) @ {Guide to Download}

Bhulekh UP(भूलेख) @  | Bhulekh Naksha UP (Uttar Pradesh)

Now days every government records come to online. It is very easy to find your any records without going any government office. Most of peoples wants to take a land records or Bhulekh. If you want to take a bhulekh up map or bhulekh naksha up then this blog bhulekh up help you to get you online Land Records of Uttar Pradesh Khasra Khatauni. Maharashtra government already started a Mahabhulkeh online portal to get a Satbara (7/12) land records in Maharashtra.

Bhulekh UP

You have land in Uttar Pradesh. Looking for a Khasra Khatauni(खसरा खतौनी) or Bhulekh Naksha Up then you have few clicks away to find out How to get your Bhulekh up Map. This blog gives you information about How to find out "Bhulekh Up Map". What is the step-wise procedure you need to follow for getting your Khasra Khatauni.

While you are doing any buying or selling property in Uttar Pradesh then you must know details about that land. Is this land is agricultures or it came into any road or Is land owner is government? To get such type of information you must know a land records.

What is Khata Khatauni/Khasra Khatauni?

In UP or Uttar Pradesh, Land records are called "Khasra Khatauni" or "Khata Khatauni". In past few days, if you want any Khata Khatauni or Khasra Khatauni then you need to go Local Tehsil Office. Then you must write one application to Patwari regarding Lard Records (Khasra Khatauni), after this application; you get a Khasra Khatauni. Now government decided to get a any land records online therefore all land records are digitized. UP Government also did the same therefore this also come with new web portal named "BhuLekh" ( or Up Bhulekh

Bhulekh UP Land Records | Khasra Khatauni Up | Bhu Naksha UP

In this article, we are going to tell you step by step details regarding Bhulekh Up Land Records or Khasra Khatauni UP. Therefore you must follow steps and don't miss any single steps while looking your Bhu Naksha UP.

Step 1:
First go to official website of UP Bhulekh :

After opening this portal you see and new window with different options "Janpat Chuniye" "Tehsil Chuniye" "Gram Chuniye"

Bhulekh UP

Step 2:
First Choose your District (Janpath), Then Choose "Tehsil" Then "Gram (Village)"

Bhulekh Up Map

Step 3:
Now you see New Window of "Bhulekh" with 3 Windows Like "Khasra/Gata" or "Khara Number" or "Khatedar Name". Enter you Khasra Number or Khara Number or Khatedar Name.

Step 4:
After Enter your "Khasra Number" You see Khasra and Khata Number. Now Click on "Udharan( उद्धरण)"

Up Bhulekh

Step 5: Now you get a "Khara Vivran" or "Khasra Khatauni"

This is the all about information of Bhulekh UP. While searching any information about Bhulekh UP Map then you just comment below. Our team will try to solve your problems regarding Bhulekh up.


UP Land Records

UP Land Records (Uttar Pradesh Land Records)

Are you eager to check your land records for UP online? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, you are going to know about the online portal, where you can easily do this thing without any hassle. Bhulekh UP is a web portal launched by UP Govt. for Land and Land Reforms Department. One can access this portal to get the information about the properties and lands in UP which include land area, owner of a particular land, plot number, the current owner, and property value.

When a person is going to buy any land, he or she must know these details of the land. The entire data of the land records is available in a computerized form all set by the government of Uttar Pradesh.

About Bhulekh UP

Farmers and citizens of UP can use this portal to get the necessary information of any land. The aim of this portal is to make sure that UP citizens get all the facilities or services through the internet.

UP Land Records

What are the services offered?

If you are going to make use of Bhulekh UP, then you need to check its services at the first step. It can be utilized by any individual to take charge of the information related to government land records in all the mandals, villages, cities, and districts of this state. It has the following services to offer, which are:

  • Revenue Khataunai code for rural communities or villages
  • Provides the facility of village maps to view
  • Revenue department gives a unique land code
  • You can take khatuni percentage copy
  • Check the details of lawsuits for disputed land
  • Also provides the information regarding changes and progressions of all the pattadars and functionaries in the form of SMS alerts

How to examine land records?

To use Bhulekh UP for checking or verifying land records, you need to visit this portal. Then, click on the option available on the home page, ‘View Imitative Copy’. After that, you need to enter the captcha code and then submit it. Now, you will have to choose your district, tehsil, and village. A step-by-step process is available to go for when it comes to checking the land records.

UP Ration Card {Uttar Pradesh Ration Card} - उत्तर प्रदेश राशन कार्ड

Everything To Know About Uttar Pradesh Ration Card

Being a residence of UP, it is vital for you to have Ration Card allocated by the Food and Civil Supplies Department. Having a ration card can give a chance to a person to avail the benefits of the TDPS or Targeted Public Distribution System. You can avail essential commodities under this scheme like wheat, rice, kerosene, sugar, fertilizers, LPG, and much more at greatly subsidized rates. So, getting the Uttar Pradesh Ration Card would be the ideal step to take.

UP Rashan Card has many benefits to offer. Firstly, you can consider it as your identity proof that can give you the advantages of many government services or programs. One can also use it in the case of residential address proof when you are going to avail loans from banks or other benefits.

If you want to make your Ration card, then you need to understand its types, which are mentioned below:

  • Below Poverty Line 
  • Above Poverty Line 
  • AAY 

Check in which category you fit in. UP Ration Card List is available online after the verification process.

UP Ration Card

Eligibility and documents to submit

As an applicant, you need to meet the eligibility conditions like:

  • You must not have ration card before 
  • You must relate to society’s economically weaker section 
  • In case of temporary or past ration cards expiry, you can apply for a new one
  • A newly married couple can go for it 

Before proceeding with the Uttar Pradesh Ration Card Online Registration process, you need to have many documents handy like identification proof, residence proof, age proof, and much more. It is also important to pay a government fee of Rs 10 to apply it.

How to apply?

  • Submit an application by filling a form in the suggested format. All details should be mentioned carefully
  • Visit Food and Supplies dept. after getting the application form filled along with the necessary documents. 
  • Get acknowledgement slip after its submission
  • They will verify your details and then issue a new ration card 

Check the Status

By referring to the authorized website of the FCS, you can examine Uttar Pradesh Ration Card Status online easily at the comfort of your home. Go for it right now!

UP Scholarship @

A Complete Guide On UP Scholarship!

Scholarships are a great way to a free education. Intelligent and needy students get a chance to avail scholarship from their schools or colleges to make their education free of cost. By getting the required funds for their education, they step up towards building your career. These days, the government of many states offer different types of scholarship programs to students, who do not have enough funds to go ahead with the right of education. UP Scholarship is the program offered by Government of UP or Uttar Pradesh to provide scholarship. Using this scholarship program, they can pursue their education easily.

UP Scholarship

If you are willing to enroll for this program, it would be ideal to check out the latest UP Scholarship News so that you can come to know all the details about this program. Here is a glimpse of this program including its documentation required, form, eligibility, instructions:

Application and documents needed

To apply this program and fill its form, the online mode is only available. This program is available in two different forms like post metric and pre-metric. Check out the updated information on the dates by going online, giving a hassle-free application process. It is also important to be familiar with the list of documents required while filling the application, which are mentioned below:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Caste certificate
  • Bonafide
  • Bank Pass Book
  • Annual Income Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate

Other documents include fee receipt, mark sheet, latest passport size scanned photograph, annual non-refundable amount, affidavits, scanned signature, and many more. Once you fill the application form, it would be easier for you to check UP Scholarship Status on the web.

Eligibility criteria

Before going for this scholarship program, check out whether or not you are eligible for it. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • You should be a domicile of UP and if you are studying in Class 9 or 10, then you can apply only for Pre-matric program. While on the other hand, if you have cleared 10th standard, then Post matric program is for you.
  • Your family income must not more than 2 lakhs for every year (for Pre-matric). There is a category-wise family income distribution set by the government. It can be found easily.

Application Process

If you have all the information in your hand with the help of UP Scholarship News online, then you can proceed with the application process, which is mentioned below:

  • First of all, register yourself by visiting the official website of the UP Scholarship and remember your registration number given by them.
  • Choose your category correctly and make sure you know that the scholarship amount will depend on the category you select.
  • Next, fill your details correctly in the application form which includes date of birth, registration number, password, and captcha.
  • After completing the application filling, then you need a hard copy of this form to be submitted to the institute along with self-attested copies of all the essential documents. Make sure you remember your Login ID and password, which can be used to further check the UP Scholarship Status.

Last but not least, if you are in a need to get the UP Scholarship to fulfill your dreams by having a rewarding career in your life, then going deeper into the application process should be your first step. Visit the authorized website of this program right now!

UP Voter List (Uttar Pradesh Voters List) 2019-20

UP Voter List (Uttar Pradesh Voter List) 2019-20 | Voter ID Search By Name | Voter Id Download

As the elections of Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha 2019 Elections are near there is a lot of hustle bustle occurring in the state among voters. Voters must take plus of their right to vote and for which the official website of CEO-Uttar Pradesh is made. Here voters can find all the relevant and imperative information like UP Voter ID Search & registration. There are online services provided by the Election Commission Of India where voters can search for their name in the voter list. To perform the search one needs to fill the details like

  • First & Last Name 
  • Gender& State
  • Assembly Constituency Name Etc.

After filling the details one can search for the options district wise. Voters can also search for the information online which can be utilized by the voters and get info regarding polling stations.

UP Voter List

How to register?

Election commission of India has provided citizens with the online UP Voter Registration facility for the people who have attained 18 years as of 1st January revision of electoral roll. To enroll as a general voter citizen must fill form 6 (Link to online form) online which is available at national voters service portal. NRI Voters must fill Form 6A (Link to online form) here registered voters can also look for the part of their enrollment status.  Requirements for registration are underneath

  • You must be an Indian citizen
  • 18yrs on the qualifying date
  • A resident of the polling area
  • Never been disqualified as an elector

Deadline: - the list will be updated consistently till the last date of filling candidate nominations which are approx. three weeks before the voting date. To get more information on key dates please visit  Visit  for UP Voter Id Search or call 1950 (add STD code).
Your vote can make a lot of difference because there are a plethora of motivations behind voting. Take the advantage of your vote in your state and registered your vote with a simple registration process conducted by the election commission of India.

For more information on registration and ID search Form 2019-20 ; Here you are going to find all the important links

New Voter Registration
Search Your Name
Correction in Electoral Roll
CEO Uttar Pradesh

Bhulekh Bihar | Bihar Bhumi Naksha @

Bhulekh Bihar | Bihar Bhumi Naksha

Bihar Government recently started a online website for Bihar Land Records or Khasra Khatauni Online. Department of Revenue and Land Reforms Bihar started a website to get your Bihar Land Records or Khasra Khatauni.

Bihar Government started Bhulekh Nakal Ya Khara Online Portal to get your information of Bhulekh Nakal, Jamabandi, Khasra Khatauni information through Online Portal.

Bhulekh Bihar

Why Bhulekh Bihar Online Portal Started?

Before this online portal, People go to local patwari tehsildar office to get information regarding their land. But that time people need to stay long with queue outside office. After that get a Bhulekh Bihar or Bhulekh Nakal. It takes lot of time of people. To make people government started Online Portal. Through this online portal you get  a your details of Khasra Online and Nakal of Jamabandi.

How to download Bhulekh Nakal through Bhulekh Bihar Online?

If you want to download your bhulekh records through Online Portal then you need to follow few simple steps to download your Apna Khata Details.

Bhulekh Bihar Online

Step 1:
First you must visit official website of Bhulekh Bihar:

Step 2:
Choose You District first (Muzaffarpur, Gopalganj, Patna, Darbhanga, Nalanda etc)

Bihar Bhumi Naksha

Step 3:
Choose you Anchal through Map; After that choose your Mouja (If there is any problem or not seeing your Mouja then type first letters of your Mouja)

Step 4:
Now Click on "Khara Khoje"
After that you see Name, Khata No, Khasera Number and Adhikar Abhilekh

Step 5:
Click on "Dekhe" in Adhikar Abhilekh.

You see your Jamabandi Nakal or Land Records. Now you take a print out for your reference.

Official Website of Bhulekh Bihar:


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>> Bhulekh Odisha / Orissa Khatian & ROR 
>> Bhulekh UP (भूलेख) @

Bhulekh Odisha / Orissa Khatian & ROR @

Bhulekh Odisha/Orissa Khatian & ROR @

Are you going to buy or sell and Land then you must need to get a Land Records. From Land Records you get a all details like Who is owner of the Land, Which type of Land and Loan of that Land and many more. Odisha Government recently start a Online Portal named to get a Land Records (RoR). Online Portal helps you get a Latest Land Records of Odisha State.

Bhulekh Odisha

In previous days, It's difficult to get a Land Records because at that time you must need to go any tehsil office or Revenue department and you need to give a one application. While submitting Application you must stand physically in-front of that officer. after that you get a Land Records.

But Recently government Started a "National Land Record Modernization Programme". Under this program government started a Online Land Records through a Online Website. India's Most of government started their own Land Records site Like Maharashtra (Mahabhulekh), Uttar Pradesh (Bhulekh UP), Gujarat (Any RoR), Karnataka (Bhoomi), Jharkhand (Jharbhoomi), Madhya Pradesh (mpbhulekh) etc.

Bhulekh Odisha/Orissa Khatian & ROR

You are in Odisha and want to buy or sell any land then you you get a online Records. Now It's very simple to get your Land Records or Khatian & RoR online through Official website of Odisha. While checking your Land Records you must need to follow few simple steps to get Odisha Land Records Online.

Steps to get your Land Records through Odisha Government Official Website:

Step 1:
First go to Official Website of Bhulekh Odisha :

Bhulekh Odisha

Step 2:
Now "Select Location for RoR" by selecting your District, Tahasil, Village and RI circle.

Step 3:
Otherwise You must select District and Then Select Khatiyan or Plot No and Click on "RoR Front Page" or "RoR Back Page" to get your Orissa Khatiyan.

Here You get a detailed Odisha Land Records. You get a Land Record or Bhulekh Orissa Oriya Font Download.

Note Regarding Online Land Records:

  • These Online Record Copy is Only for Information Purpose
  • You can not use this Copy as evidence in any legal purpose. If you want Land Records for ant Legal Purpose then take a Land Records copy through Revenue Department.

Land Records are very useful to avoid Property Fraud.